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A timeless look, a shape elegant and harmonious, which offers great versatility in both classic and modern settings.

• A wide range of models: from 2 to 6 columns with a wide range of heights from 300 to 3000 mm and a number of elements from 3 to 40, which allow great flexibility in dimensions (see technical tables of the models).

• On request it is possible to have sizes not described in the tables.

• Absence of sharp edges and rounded shape reduce to minimum the risk of accidents, while accessible surfaces make easier the cleaning.

• These characteristics make radiator TO-BE particularly suitable for environments where particular safety and sanitary regulations must be respected (as in hospitals, schools and public places).

The wide heating surface and large volume water assure a very high heat output. These characteristics make also possible the insertion of this radiator in low temperature heating installations.

All ZENITH products
are certificated according to European rules
Certificato EN442 - European Norm
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